Finding funding for and spreading the word about our causes can be challenging, however there just happens to be an incredible set of resources available at your fingertips. From crowdfunding to connecting with volunteers, here’s a list of some of the most valuable tools we could find to get you going.


1. Go Fund Me

The #1 crowdfunding site for individuals, this is a way to make dreams come true for individual stories. Whether it’s raising funds for medical procedures and equipment to building community playgrounds, this is a site that matches faces to projects, making this a personal and effective way to meet (and usually exceed) fundraising goals.


2. Google Nonprofits

Who says big companies don’t have a heart? Google for Nonprofits has bundled services to help increase community growth and message reach. Reduce your IT costs with free access to Gmail, GoogleDrive, and Google Calendar, plus 30GB of free storage on the cloud. Cool features like Google Earth Outreach let you map all of your projects and collect data, while Adworks and Youtube for Nonprofits serve as tools to help spread the message about all the good work you’re doing. The possibilities are endless.


3. App-E-Feat

Created by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, App-E-Feat connects nonprofits with IEEE engineers, students, and volunteers to help organizations without technical resources develop mobile apps.



4. Crowdrise

Another fantastic crowdfunding site, Crowdrise is specifically designed with nonprofits in mind. A combination of social networking, contests, and crowdfunding, it was included in Barron’s list of “Top 25 Best Global Philanthropists” and called out by Mashable as “the best place to raise money online for your favorite causes.” Fundraising contests give the site a bit of twist from other funding sites.


5. Ebay Giving Works

It isn’t just for scoring old Star Wars figurines or vintage purses anymore. Ebay Giving Works allows you to use the auction system to generate funds. Set up an account for your organization and ask supporters to create auctions; proceeds go to your organization. Visitors can clean out their attic and create a virtual garage sale then search the site for your organization in order to donate their garage sale funds.



6. Amazon Wish Lists

Whether you need the day-to-day essentials (think toilet paper, towels, books, food) or want to dream big, creating a wish list to share with your social communities is a great way to procure material resources for your organizations. Teachers have started to (very successfully) use wish lists to stock classrooms and libraries.


7. Indiegogo

Ingiegogo makes ideas happen. Simple and easy to use, the site generates millions and millions of funds for users each week. Users throughout the world visit Indiegogo to discover deserving projects, making it an incredible way to increase the reach of your organization.


8. Appbackr

This is yet another way to connect with developers with a heart of gold. If you have an idea for an app that would benefit your organization, this is a great way to meet professionals with the skills to help you make it happen.



9. Meetup

There are Meetup groups for everything… and we do mean everything. Sometimes one of the biggest obstacles encounter is finding manpower, yet there are wonderful neighbors all over your local community looking for a way to volunteer their time. Joining a nonprofit group will help you connect with other people who work, volunteer, or organize non-profits.


10. GOOD 

This is social media specifically designed for people who want to change the world. Follow and network with other organizations like Idealist or connect with new volunteers. The site is focused on creating a community that shares solutions for “living well and doing good.” Sounds pretty good to us.


This list is just the tip of the iceberg. The numerous options available are proof that people love to give back and they are searching for amazing causes to align with. Check out this list and be prepared to be inspired by the generosity of these online communities.


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