My cousin is a sophomore in college right now. I’ll be visiting her in a few weeks and can’t wait. Being back on campus brings back so many great memories. I met my husband in college. I met most of my close friends in college. I discovered who I was and more importantly, who I wasn’t, while in college.  I realized that there was a world much larger than I had ever imagined.

Aside from my studies and a part-time job, I was free from all responsibility. When I was tired, I took a nap. When I was hungry, I ate without fear of gaining a couple of extra pounds. I never had an anxiety attack, didn’t need a iPhone to keep me organized and certainly could get through an entire day without ever checking my email. Ahhh….those were the days.

It’s hard to believe I graduated from college almost 10 years ago. When did I grow up and become all “adulty”? My life is now consumed with being a wife, a mommy and most recently, a business owner. While being a wife and mommy are very important, I find that most of the precious (and seemingly dwindling) hours in my day are devoted to running my business. Not that I mind. I took the leap from a steady 9-5 in March 2010. Even in the midst of the economic devastation our country is currently facing, I decided it was time to make my dream of being my own boss a reality. So I did it. I went in to the office one day and resigned. Just like that. And I’ve never looked back.

When I tell people my story the question that pops up most is “Weren’t you scared?” “Scared of what,” I ask back. “Well, scared of not having any money? Scared of failing? Scared of having to live in your car?”

But honestly, I can’t remember even thinking about those things when I made the decision to leave a nice, safe, comfortable job (and paycheck). The only thing I could focus on what the fact that I wasn’t happy. I no longer felt like what I was doing made a darn bit of difference to the world around me. I had lost my drive. I had lost my vision. I had lost my passion.

Which makes me wonder…what do others do when they lose their passion? Or are most people lucky and never lose it? Or do people ever find their passion in the first place? That thought is scarier to me than the possibility of failure. Living without ever knowing your passion in life? Yeesh! What’s the point of living?

So my challenge to you is…find your passion! If you’ve found it, what are you doing to nurture it? To expand it? To make a difference in the world with it? Whether you’re a musician, a foodie, an athlete, a computer geek, or an animal lover, find what inspires you and become an active part of it. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter. Become a mentor to a child in need. Take yoga classes, art classes, stained glass classes…whatever! Just get out into the world and do something productive. You might just surprise yourself at what you’re capable of. You can make a difference in our community right now.

What are you waiting for?