Video marketing is straight-forward enough: Basically, it’s incorporating video into your marketing campaigns to promote a company, product, or service. Of course, for nonprofits, it’s an opportunity to showcase all the great work you’re doing in the community. More and more nonprofit organizations are implementing video into their online presence and I am confident that nonprofit video marketing will take off like wild fire in 2015!

Pic 1 Online Video
Internet speeds are now fast enough to support good quality video without requiring long buffering times. YouTube receives more than one billion unique views every month. Forrester’s researchers report that just one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (much more than a picture!). And recently, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg reported at the company’s first community town hall that in five years, most of Facebook will be video-centric.


Some nonprofit marketers may still be skeptical of video or unsure of how to implement it given their limited resources. To help, here are a few benefits to calm your fears, resources for keeping shooting and editing costs affordable, and 10 ways to easily incorporate video into your marketing strategy for 2015.


Benefits of Video Marketing

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  1. It’s the most entertaining, educational, and inspirational mode of communication because it holds your audience’s attention.
  2. YouTube videos are search engine friendly thus making them more “findable” in organic web searches.
  3. Video are shareable. YouTube incorporates social sharing buttons into the videos so people can share with just a click of a button!
  4. It’s mobile. Think about how much easier it is to view a video on your phone than reading an article.
  5. Production costs have fallen significantly. These days anyone and everyone with an iPhone can capture what’s going on around them!
  6. Seeing is believing. Transparency increases when your supporters and potential supporters can see for themselves what you are doing in the community and for your clients.

Affordable Video Marketing? Yes!

  1. Online Video Creation Hacks
  2. Apps for $5 or less that will give your online videos a Hollywood makeover:
    • iMovie for editing
    • 8mm for polishing
    • FiLMicPro for addressing all the little details (quickly!)
    • Givit for getting creative and fanciful
    • Directr for making quick changes to video when you’re on the go
  3. ReelSEO for keeping up with new video marketing trends as well as helpful how-to’s

Video Topics to Get You Started

  1. User-Generated Content. Surely I don’t have to remind you of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the MILLIONS in donations it generated last summer.
  2. A weekly or monthly Q&A with a leader within your organization.
  3. Interviews with someone who has benefited from the work your organization does.
  4. Coverage from an event or fundraiser. Sharing a live stream is interactive and more engaging to followers.
  5. Profiles and success stories of people who are being helped or who have been helped by your organization.
  6. Sharing messages directly from your organization’s executive director.
  7. Sharing general public service announcements about the work you’re doing and the needs you have as an organization.
  8. Behind the scenes footage. This type of video is great for showcasing your organization’s brand as well as building trust with your audience.
  9. Sharing tutorials and presentations on how people can help your organization’s cause.
  10. Holiday-centric videos that share your organization’s needs as well as the sentiments of the season.


So, how will your nonprofit organization use video marketing this year and what questions do you have? Please leave your comments here and/or on my Facebook page!